We live in a time where photography is the most effective approach to sell a business or a product. As a result, instead of considering it as a huge cost, consider it an investment. To secure genuine sales in your organisation, you may employ high-quality photographs for promotion. So, here are some of the reasons for the significance of photography in marketing.


Here are some facts from MDVAdvertising and Meero that demonstrate the importance of brand photography:

  • On average, people recall just 10% of information three days after hearing it. Including an image can boost remember by up to 65 percent.
  • Images are the most important sort of material, ahead of text and video. Marketers aim to utilise photos more in the future, according to 68 percent of them. Ads that focus photos are considerably more likely to be viewed favourably than ads that emphasise text.
  • When compared to articles without photographs, articles with relevant images receive 94 percent more views on average.
  • On Facebook, images get 20 percent more likes than videos and 352 percent more likes than links.60% of consumers say they’re more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image show up in local search results.
  • When it comes to selecting and purchasing a product, 67 percent of buyers think the visual quality of the product is “extremely significant.”
  • 78 percent of online customers want to be able to view the goods as if it were a part of their everyday life.
  • “Large, high-quality product photos are more significant than product information, descriptions, or even reviews,” say 50% of online customers.
  • According to Etsy and Justuno, photo quality is the most important aspect in an online transaction for 90% of purchasers.
  • On category pages, using a bigger product picture improved sales by 9.46 percent.

UCLA researchers discovered that vivid and detailed item imaging boosts felt ownership of the product in their study The Effect of Mere Touch on Perceived Ownership.

Why do stylized photography?

These are the top 6 reasons of doing stylized photoshoots:


1. Easily attracts attention:

Nothing attracts a viewer’s attention like an image. In their daily lives, people are taught to search for images. As a result, the wisest thing you might do when promoting your business is to share an attention-grabbing image with your customers..


2. Shares information instantly:

A photograph may be the most powerful, quick, and effective way to convey information with a consumer. You might utilise an image that sends a powerful message to the audience. Our brains are stronger at deciphering nonverbal cues. Emotional Appeal: It’s absolutely true that a text and audio can effectively share the selling point of your product with the prospective customers but they really can’t connect with the audience on the same level as a photograph does. Therefore, when advertising you should always know that humans are emotional beings. Thus, using emotional appeal through photographs in your marketing and advertising can lead you far in your business.


3. More engagements:

To put it another way, photos boost interaction and improve the probability of others reacting to your activities. It’s critical in business that a user responds to your activities. As a result, utilising an image that encourages users to take action is helpful to your business. Marketing is only regarded successful if potential consumers react to your company’s actions.


4. Professional image:

It’s critical to establish a good first impression on people who encounter your advertisements. You may project a professional image to your audience by utilising high-quality images in your advertising and marketing. This is why companies are prepared to invest a significant amount of money on photography. A skilled photographer’s photography may send a powerful message to potential clients, attracting them to your business.


5. Effectively conveys a message without using words:

The human brain processes pictures quickly. As a result, even if you want to send a strong message to your audience you could do it just that by using an image. The image should reflect your company’s values and mission.


6. Builds brand credibility:

You may not realise it, but beautiful photography contributes to your brand’s reputation. It simply communicates to them that you are concerned about the smallest things, that you have excellent aesthetics, and that you are a powerful brand if you share beautiful pictures. A photograph has the ability to amplify your message while also linking it to your target audience.

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