Influencer Marketing

Let us first understand who are Influencers.

Influencers are those who promote or recommend products and have the ability to influence the potential buyers.


When companies partner with influencers, among a specific target audience, with a goal of brand awareness or conversions, it is known as influencer marketing.


Some facts:

  • 90% of the marketers claim that the ROI from Influencer Marketing is better than other marketing channels

  • 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers.

  • The most used form of Influencer Marketing is Instagram Posts (the number 1 choice). 78% of marketers choose Instagram Posts followed by 73% for Instagram stories.

Why should I opt for Influencer Marketing?

5 Reasons of doing Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

It is of utmost importance that the brand is crystal clear about its goals before it embarks on an influencer marketing campaign.

These are the top 5 reasons or goals of Influencer Marketing:


1. Increasing brand awareness.

This is a delight for a brand. “Awareness” is a basic necessity for any product / service / brand. It is the most important reason why brands do influencer marketing campaigns regularly.

Thanks to the advent of technology, we can now measure the awareness of an campaign through reach, impressions and other metrics of engagement.


2. Reaching new audiences.

If John is suffering from a tooth-ache, he will be seeing a dentist. Similarly, your products or services need to reach the right audience with the help of right influencers. As we have necessary data of the influencers (age, gender, location, interests, etc), we can help you collaborate with the influencers who are aligned to your target audience so we not only create awareness but increase the chances of conversion.


3. Generating sales.

We agree that at the end of the day every brand wishes to track tangible results. Through influencer marketing, we bring you a step closer. Tracking of tangible results like landing pages, redemption codes as well as custom links is now possible!


4. Improving brand advocacy.

We believe influencer campaigns give a boost to an organic growth of a brand. Influencers together create the brand’s image which further gives out a strong validation while sparking word-of-mouth conversations among your fans.


5. Driving lead generation.

Data is the new oil. Through influencer marketing campaigns, you can get important information like names and emails of your potential customers.

Why Us?

We live and breathe social media. 

Being working with so many brands for varied services, we are continuously evolving.

Just like us, we want our clients to get the best out of it.  Our dedicated support as well as quick 

turnaround time  can help you reach your goal quicker and set new levels. 

Being owner of FMCG brands, the CEO understands the 

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